[v01d-general-discussion] Random Tech Stuff Day @ v01d 20. februara, & gamedev meetup 1 writeup

Ferdinand Majerech kiithsacmp at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 15:40:15 CET 2016


Announcement pre ludi ktori necitali nase mega obrovske konverzacie:

Random Tech Stuff Day

Saturday 20.02.2016, 13:00-17:30 @v01d (Narodna Trieda 74)

  * Ferdinand Majerech: The Keyboard Life

    Mechanical keyboards, the excentrics around them, and keyboard UIs

  * Radoslav Strobl: DIY Desktop Environment

    Building a desktop on Awesome; a Lua programmable Window Manager

  * Eduard Drusa: AVR/embedded ghetto style

    How I built my AVR stack from scratch, and how far it is from
    blinkenlights to a smart home controller

  * Lubomir Nagajda & Co.: Synthetic speech TBD

    Content depends on research progress

TIez som napisal writeup o gamedev meetupe pre ludi co tam neboli:



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